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1st class?

1st Class?

Have travelled 1st class before with JR Pass but don't think all trains have 1st class carriages. This time going for 3 weeks and travelling from Kansai to Nagasaki, Kyoto, Tokyo, Sendai, and Maebashi. Can anyone tell me if trains to these places have 1st class carriages and Is it worth getting a Green car ticket? Thanks


Hi there!

Many trains do have green car carriages, however it very much depends on the line and operator (JR-West, for example, tends not to use many Green Car, but JR-East and Kyushu will all have green cars). I think you could expect these trips to have green car:

  • Kansai to Nagasaki (if using a JR-Kyushu Sakura service)
  • Nagasaki to Shin-Osaka (if using a JR-Kyushu Sakura service)
  • Kyoto to Tokyo (maybe, if using a JR-East operated service)
  • Tokyo to Sendai (yes)
  • Sendai to Maebashi (yes)

It's hard to advise on whether a Green Car Pass is worth it. Many of our customers really enjoy the peace and quiet of the Green Car and the larger seats and so on (here's a blog post with more), however the standard seats are usually very comfortable and sufficient for long distance travel. I'd say that unless you really want to have a luxury trip or are looking to travel in the most comfortable and quiet way, the standard class is sufficient.

Hoep this helps!

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