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19 days trip

19 days trip

we will be two adults travelling around Japan from the 26th of May until the 14th of June. Our itinerary is:

  • 3 nights in Tokyo (26-27-28).
  • 2 nights in Takayama (29-30).
  • 2 nights in Kanazawa (31 May-1 June).
  • 2 nights in Hiroshima (2-3).
  • 2 nights in Miyajima (4-5).
  • 6 nights in Kyoto (6-7-8-9-10).
  • 2 nights in Hakkone (11-12).
  • One last night in Tokyo (13) and fly back to London on the 14th of June.

I am a bit confused as the best thing to do since we are spending more or less a week in Kyoto where the railpass will be useless.That said, maybe it is still best to get the 21 days pass ??

Could you please advise me? thank you!



Hi there!

From your itinerary, you'll certainly make savings with a 14 day rail pass up to Kyoto over normal tickets.

The big question is whether it's cheaper to buy a single Shinkansen ticket from Kyoto > Tokyo or extend a 14 day JR pass to a 21 day JR pass.

The price difference between a 21 day pass (¥57700) and 14 day pass (¥45100) is ¥12,600. A single Shinkansen trip from Kyoto > Tokyo is ¥13,220. This means that it is actually cheaper to extend the 14 day pass to a 21 day rail pass than it is to purchase a single Kyoto > Tokyo bullet train ticket.

Also, with the 21 day pass, travel to the airport wil be free and you may also find the JR Pass useful in Kyoto, for example if you were to do a day trip to Nara.

In this situation, I recommend the 21 day Japan Rail Pass.

Hope this helps!

P.S. You may also want to see this great forum thread on a 3 week trip for more ideas.

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