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16 days in japan

16 days in Japan

these are my itinerary:
arrive at Haneda airport on the 10th of May.stay 2 nights in Tokyo, then
Plan to go over to Hokkaido for 7 nights( Hakodate ,Sapporo),Atami for 6 nights n another night in Tokyo.
Can I use JR pass for day trips from Atami to Mt Fuji,
Yokohama , Hakone, Tokyo etc?
JR pass around Hokkaido?
should I get the 7 days pass or 14 days pass?


Hi there,

The JR-Pass is a great option for your trip to Hokkaido, I saw you are going for 7 Nights and a 7-day would fall 1 day short, as 7 nights equals 8 days of travel.

It is also a great option for your day trips from Atami, as you can ride the Shinkansen from there directly into Tokyo and limited express to Yokohama. For Fuji/Hakone you can travel to Odawara by Shinkansen and from there take a private railway, this is the only part that is not covered by the JR-Pass.

Looking at it cost wise:

Tokyo - Sapporo ¥ 23,780
Sapporo - Hakodate ¥ 8,790
Hakodate - Atami ¥ 22,460

This part alone is ¥ 55030 and the 2 week pass costs ¥45,100 saving you ¥9930
If we aad a couple of day trips it becomes even greater:

Atami Tokyo ¥8560 (return)
Atami Yokohama ¥5780 (return)
Atami Odawara for Fuji and Hakone ¥ 2480 (return)

That alone would be an other ¥ 16820 in savings, so for your itinerary I think it's a great choice to get a 14 Rail pass.

Hope this helps!

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thanks for the info


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