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15 days in japan plan

15 Days in Japan plan

Hi there,

My partner and I are going to japan for 15 days in August. We are still planing which one is better for us for train system. Here is our plan so far. Would you mind giving us some advises for JR Pass like how much it costs each way and total cost compare to buying JR Pass?

Day 1: Arrive Tokyo stay Tokyo for 4 nights
Day 5: Leave to Magome through Nagoya and bus
Day 6: Walk the path to Tsumago
Day 7: Bus to Nagiso Station. Train to Nagoya then on to Kyoto Stay Kyoto for 3 nights
Day 10: From Kyoto to Nara then Stay at Osaka for two nights
Day 11: From Osaka to Hiroshima for day trip and then back to Kobe for 1 night
Day 12: From Kobe to Shirahama and stay there for 2 nights
Day 14: From Shirahama back to Tokyo and stay for 1 night
Day 15: From Tokyo city to the airport

Thanks in advance.



Hello Irvin,

Of course! I am more than happy to assist you with this!

Let's start by having a look at normal ticket prices and see how to JR Pass compares.

Tokyo - to Nakatsugawa for Magome (via Nagoya) ¥ 11,440
Nagiso - Kyoto (via Nagoya) ¥ 7,980
Kyoto - Nara ¥ 710
Nara - Osaka ¥ 800
Osaka - Hiroshima ¥ 10,030
Hiroshima - Shirahama ¥ 13,640
Shirahama - Tokyo ¥ 16,690

For a total of ¥ 61,290 or ¥ 14,900 in savings as the 14 day JR Pass is ¥ 46,390. This is excluding any train travel you made do within Tokyo, Osaka or too the Airport, which is also included in the JR Pass.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks very much for this useful information. We will definitely book it before we go. Much appreciate.




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