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14days jr pass

14days JR pass


I will travel to Tokyo on 04-21st April 2016 (17days). Please advise the below itinerary that when should i start using the 14days JR pass (i assume that is the worth for the 17days trip, or please advice!) and ya, Im traveling with my hubby and my 1y4m boy)

04/04 - reach Narita @ 530pm, straight go to Hakone (or i should stay in tokyo and make a day trip to Hakone and Mt Fuji?)
05-07 - Hakone (2 nights)
07-09 - Takayama, will spend a day to Shirokawa-go (2 nights)
09-15 - Osaka, will cover Kyoto, kobe or may be Nagoya? (6nights)
15-20 - return to Tokyo (18th and 19th in Disney) (6nights)
21st - Return to KL

Im not sure whether this is the best itinerary, any advise?



Hello Yvonne,

I think you've made a good start with your itinerary. Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Oska and Kyoto are all great visits. Especially when you visit Japan for the first time. Staying 2 nights in Hakone is not a bad idea if you would like to avoid some of the busy city life found in Tokyo.

I would suggest visiting Hiroshima instead of Nagoya, there's a lot more to see and do in Hiroshima and it is a pleasant city to walk around in. The peace museum and memorial park are not to be missed. Additionally it is easy to add a visit to Miyajima from Hiroshima as well. Both would give you the best our of your time in Japan and the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply!
When should i start to use the JR pass? Should i start from the first day or 3rd day in Japan? What pass/tix should i buy for the remaining 3 days?


Hello again,

I think it would makes sense to start using it when you travel to Takayama.

You could buy Hakone Free Pass as companion to your JR Pass for travel within Hakone.

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