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14 or 7

14 or 7

Hello all - I'm traveling from 4/2 - 4/15 a total of 14 days but I'm trying to figure out if I can get away with a 7 day pass instead of a 14 (by choosing a leg of my trip to purchase individual tickets). The two big tickets (Tokyo to Kanazawa and Naoshima to Tokyo) seem to demand a 14 day. Below is my itinerary - I would appreciate any tips. My hotels are are booked (which was a challenge since this is such a popular time to visit this wonderful country) so I don't hve the flexibility to change things up. I placed the cost of tickets in yen that i got from Hyperdia. Thanks in advance for your help.

April 2nd: Narita Airport to Tokyo = 1,520
April 5th: Tokyo to Kanazwa = 13, 350
April 7th: Kanazawa to Kyoto = 7,590
April 10th: kyoto to Okayama = 7500
April 11th: Okayama to Uno = 580 (spending two days and nights on Naoshima Island)
April 13th: Uno to Tokyo = 17,140
April 15th: Tokyo to Narita Airport = 1.140


Hi there,

It is good to see that you've done your research well! A 7 day JR Pass would indeed be great if you could cover Tokyo to Kanazawa and Naoshima to Tokyo with it. At the same time a 14 day JR Pass is also interesting.

Adding all the ticket prices together, you would be able make savings over normal tickets with the 14 day JR Pass in addition to the following:
-You can use the Narita Express between Tokyo - Narita Airport. A normal ticket on the Narita Express is about 3,000yen and this is a much more comfortable ride. -The JR Pass can be used for local travel in Tokyo and to a limited extent in Kyoto on the JR Network. -The JR Pass is your single ticket for all your travels.

So I would recommend a 14 day JR Pass.
Hope this helps,

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This is very helpful - thank you! I did not realize it was also possible to use the JR Pass within Tokyo and Kyoto. That feels like much more of a deal - thanks!


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