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14 or 21 day jr pass

14 or 21 day JR pass

I wanted to enquire whether I would be better off purchasing the 14 or 21 day JR pass for my upcoming trip to japan

Our current plans are:
December 31st - Arrive at Narita Airport
Dec 31st - 6th Jan - Tokyo, with day trips planned to Kamakura, Tokyo Disney and a restaurant in Hachioji (near Takosanguchi station on the Keio line)
7th Jan - Travel from Tokyo to Kyoto
8th - 10th Jan - Explore Kyoto, with a likely day trip to Hiroshima
11th Jan - Travel from Kyoto to Hakuba
17th Jan - Travel from Hakuba to Narita Airport

I'm wondering if we are better off buying a 14 day ticket and then paying for the trip from hakuba to Narita separately, or buying a 21 day pass.

Also is the ordinary ticket sufficient rather than the green ticket?

Thanks so much,


Hi Natalie!

Japan is a great way to spend the near year Holiday.

I think the best ticket would be the 14 day JR Pass, simply because travel within Tokyo is not so expensive. You could then use the 14 day JR Pass to cover your expensive travel across Japan.

Green Class could be a nice option given the amount of travel involved, at the same you should be fine in ordinary class as well.

Lastly, I want to point out that travel from Kyoto - Hakuba is not the easiest of trips. Here are a couple of example routes. As you can see the trip takes about 5 hours with multiple transfers. Be sure to plan this one ahead!

Hope this helps!

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