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14 days kansai + chubu + hiroshima

14 days Kansai + Chubu + Hiroshima

I am travelling to Japan next week with the following plan:

16 Nov - Morning arrive in Osaka [accomodation at Namba]
17 Nov - Takayama
18 Nov - Takayama / Shirakawago
19 ~ 21 Nov - Shirakawago / Kanazawa/Toyama
22 Nov - Hiroshima
23 Nov - Hiroshima / Himeji [accomodation booked at Himeji, kobe's accomodation 97% reserved ]
24 Nov - Himeji > Kobe / Osaka
25 Nov - Osaka to Kyoto
26 ~ 29 - Kyoto ( ETD kyoto 11:30pm)

I have bought the 7 days JR Pass which will activate on 17 Nov, thus the expiry date will be 23 Nov 11:59pm.

My Questions:

1) On 16 Nov, am I right to pay cash for Nankai single trip to namba?

2) Should I buy other pass for 24 Nov travelling from Himeji to Kobe and follow by Osaka in the evening or pay single trip fare?

3) For the rest of the days in Kyoto, besides visiting POI by buses cover under bus day pass, I am planning to visit Arashiyama/ Sagano; Fushimi Inari Shrine; Kurama /Kibune. Won't be travelling to Nara as I have been there several years ago. Any value for money pass while doing Arashiyama, Kruama/Kibune & Fushimi Inari Shrine?

4) On 29 Nov, Kyoto to Kansai Intnl Airport, buy a day pass?



Hello Janet,

1.) It would not be a bad idea to just buy a single ticket to Namba, as it can cost less than 1000yen.

2.) No I don't think so, the fares are not high if you travel by local trains and you'll only go one way.

3.) They are all close, the JR Pass covers travel to many of them but otherwise normal tickets are best, as it is all very local.

4.) Here too local tickets will be cheaper, if you want to save money take the Shinkaisoku service to Osaka station and transfer there to the Airport Express, if you want convenience take the Haruka Express.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel, I will take your advices.

Btw, can I pay the fares directly with Suica card at the respective train stations? (i.e. KIX, Himeji, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto)



Hi again!

Yes the Suica card can be used for all of those :)

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