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12 days in tokyo, takayama, kyoto & hiroshima. 14 or 7 day rail pass?

12 days in Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto & Hiroshima. 14 or 7 day rail pass?

End of May we are arriving in Tokyo, staying for 4days, then 2days in Takayama, 4 days in Kyoto, 2 days in Hiroshima and then back to Narita.
Even that’s a 14 days trip, we stay 4 days in Tokyo and 4 days in Kioto. Could we get away with 7 days pass and then use individual tickets ? Or its going to be more expensive? We would like to explore a little bit outside Tokyo and Kyoto as well.



Hi there,

Whether you purchase a 7 or 14 day rail pass very much depends on the amount of JR travel you intend to do. To make a 7 day rail pass worthwhile you need to spend over ¥28,300 on JR tickets. For a 14 day rail pass, you need to spend over ¥45,100.

Looking at your itinerary you're going to be in Japan for 12-13 days, which will need careful planning. Structuring the trip for this amount of time I would try and base the travel around a 7 day rail pass. You'll have lots to do! For example:

  1. Tokyo (Using NEX+Suica deal, or Tokyo Metro day passes + Skyliner deal)
  2. Tokyo
  3. Tokyo
  4. Tokyo > Hakone (using Hakone Free Pass)
  5. Hakone > Tokyo (using Hakone Free Pass)
  6. Tokyo > Takayama (First day of 7 day JR Pass)
  7. Takayama
  8. Takayama > Kyoto (early train)
  9. Kyoto
  10. Kyoto (possible day trip to Nara?)
  11. Kyoto > Miyajima (island off Hiroshima, leaving big luggage in a coin locker in Hiroshima station)
  12. HIroshima > Tokyo for flight out.

If you have other plans, for example, to visit Nikko, or if you really aren't that interested on staying in and around Tokyo, then a 14 day pass would be a good option, but the above itinerary is well spaced and will be a nicely rounded trip.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for your recommendation. I was also thinking for a 7 days pass, activating it in the rout from Tokyo to Takayama


Great! I think that is the best option for your trip.

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