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12 days in japan

12 days in Japan


We (two of us) will to travel to Japan in MAY'14 for about 12 days, below is our itinerary,

2/5/2014 Osaka - Wakayama
3/5/2014 Wakayama - Koyasan
4/5/2014 Koyasan - Kyoto
6/5/2014 Kyoto - Takayama
9/5/2014 Takayama - Tokyo
13/5/2014 Tokyo - Haneda airport

  • we plan to visit five lakes or hakone when we are at tokyo.

1. With our itinerary do you think should we buy the JRPASS? ( we did a check via seem like those place that we would like to visit, did not cover much by JR PASS)
2. If not JRPASS, which kind of pass is more suitable for us (understand that there are some PASS is per area) ?
3. Do you think if we carry medium size luggage travel along Japan train, will it giving problem to us? understand that some of the train with limited of space for luggage.

Please advice thanks.


Hi there!

1.) I checked the route as well for you and the pass covers most of your travel. However travel costs don't add up enough to a point where the JR Pass would be be useful. Therefore I would recommend buying normal tickets as you travel.

2.) For your visit to Wakayama - Osaka, you could consider a Kansai Area Pass however for the rest, normal tickets would probably best.

3.) You should be fine if you both carry a suitcase. Only if you would bring more than 1 large suitcase per person could it cause problems. However even then most of the time it is fine.

Hope this helps!

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