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12-13 days in japan - 7 day jr pass & metro card?

12-13 days in Japan - 7 day JR Pass & metro card?

I am traveling to Japan in Sept and debating if I should get the JR for 7 days or and get the metro pass for the other days
I plan on visiting the following areas:

Tokyo - 4 days
Osaka - 3 days*
Kyoto - 2 days
Nara - 2 days
Hiroshima - 1

I was thinking of getting the JR pass after my visit in Tokyo and travel to the other 3/4 cites. Do you think the schedule is doable and I can visit all these areas? I may not go to Hiroshima but just want to make sure I cover all the other areas.



Hi there,

Sounds like a good plan - the Metro pass is excellent in Tokyo so that'll be a great way to get around before you venture out of the capital.

Regarding the JR Pass validity, yes, it will be valid for travel on all JR lines connecting the cities you list. Please note that the JR Pass will not be valid for subway services in Osaka and Kyoto as these are non-JR operated.

I think it's a good schedule overall, though I may look into doing an overnight stay on Miyajima island off Hiroshima - you're already spending a lot of time in Kansai so this may break up your trip somewhat.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Mari for your input. Do you know how much the Metro would range for Tokyo for about 4-5 days? Also, you stated the JR line doesn't operate in Osaka and Kyoto, do they have a Metro system down there and how much would you think it would cost for 2-3 days? I am just debating if its worth to purchase the JR pass and just fly down to Osaka and purchase the metro down there. Since the JR pass doesn't cover Osaka and Kyoto.

Thank you!


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