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11 days/10 nights/tokyo-hiroshima-osaka-kyoto-tokyo

11 Days/10 Nights/Tokyo-Hiroshima-Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo

Hello! My friends and I will be heading to Japan near the end of May for the first time! We just recently booked our hostels. Here's our itinerary..

Day 1 - Arrive at 5PM - Train from NRT to Shinagawa. (Spend night in Shinagawa)
Day 2 - First day of JR Pass? Train from Shinagawa to Hiroshima. See Miyajima. (Spend night at Hiroshima)
Day 3 - See Hiroshima then at 2-3PM train to Osaka. (Spend night in Osaka)
Day 4 - Train to Nara for day trip and spend night in Osaka.
Day 5 - Train Osaka to Kyoto
Day 6 - Kyoto
Day 7 - Train Kyoto to Asakusa, Tokyo (base)
Day 8 - Tokyo/ Have day trip in Hakone?
Day 9 - Tokyo
Day10 - Tokyo
Day11 - fly off Narita at 3PM

What do you think of the itinerary? Is it too much riding on the train? Should we skip Hakone and focus more on Tokyo? I'm planning to use the JR Pass on Day 2.. what should I use when it expires? Any tips/recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Hello there,

Actually it looks very good to me. Love the visit to Hiroshima and Miyajima and Osaka/Kyoto are not to be missed either on a first trip to Japan. The full trip Tokyo - Hiroshima can be a bit of a drag as it takes about 5 hours of train travel. However after that you will already have the bigger part behind, which in a way is nice as well.

For Hakone, I'd recommend deciding this when you are in Japan. Hakone is very beautiful and offers a great view of Fuji, at the same time it can be somewhat disappointing when the weather is bad. So enjoy Tokyo and make a day trip to Hakone when the weather is good. An alternative if you still have a day left from your JR Pass would be to visit Nikko also a great day trip from Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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