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10 days in osaka, kyoto, nara, toyama, tokyo

10 days in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Toyama, Tokyo

We are mother and son (2 persons) who will in Japan for 10 days, below the itenerary:
day 1 : citi tour in osaka
day 2 : kyoto
day 3 : nara
day 3 : osaka - Tokyo
day 4 : Citi tour in Tokyo
day 5 : Tokyo to Toyama
Day 7 : Toyama to Tokyo
Day 8 : tour 1 day to MT. Fuji
Day 9 : last day in Tokyo

Do we need to by 7 days ticket JR pass. Where I can buy that ticket.


Hi there,

I made a small list of ticket prices to see if a JR Pass would be suitable for you:
For this, I assumed that you will have your accommodation in Osaka and make day trips to Kyoto and Nara.

Osaka Kyoto 1,040
Osaka Nara 1,460
Osaka --> Tokyo ¥ 13,750
Tokyo --> Toyama ¥ 11,600
Toyama --> Tokyo ¥ 11,600

For a total of ¥ 39,450, with the 7 Day JR Pass (¥ 28,300) you would be able to save ¥ 11,150, which is very good!
You can find the order page here.

Hope this helps,

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