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10 days in japan :better buy the 7 days or the 14 days jr pass

10 days in Japan :better buy the 7 days or the 14 days JR pass

Iam about to spend 1 days in Japan as the following itinerary:
tokyo tokyo
kyoto(nara- one day tour)
kyoto( osaka- one day tour)

So, would be better buy the 7 ou 14 days..I am considering validate my pass onley when I go to kyoto if I buy the 7 days, on the other hand, I should buy separetly the Narita- Tokyo- Naritapass ( how much would be it?) is it worth buying the 14 days ? Or I still save money buying the 7 days pass even paying the airport tickets? Thanks from Brazil


sorry 10 days in japan never 1 one day as It was wrongly written


Hi there!

It would indeed be a little too much to fit in a single day ;)
But in all seriousness I think it is a well balanced itinerary. I would recommend buying a 7day supplemented with a ticket back to the Airport on day 10. This way you can do all your pricy travel in your 7 days of use and enjoy your last days in Tokyo without having to spend too much.

There are a couple of options available for the way back to Narita Airport.

One is the Narita Express this is by far the most convenient way to travel to Narita Aircosts and costs about 3,000Yen from Tokyo station.

An other option is to take the local trains from Tokyo, this may involve a transfer or two but is around ¥ 1,280. Here is an example route.

The last option is the Keisei Bus which is 900 yen and leaves from Tokyo station but can be prone to traffic on the road.

I hope this helps!

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thank you so much..It helped me a lot to clarify my thoughts....thanks for the fast anwers and clearness of it


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