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yokota afb to narita airport + jrpass extension?

Yokota AFB to Narita Airport + JRPass extension?

Is there a way to add only two days to a one week rail pass? I will use my rail pass from November 4th to November 11, then I need to get from Yokota Air Force Base to Narita on November 13th. Should I just buy a one way train ticket or bus ticket to Narita for November 12th from Yokota Air Force Base? What train do I take to Narita and how much does it cost? My son and his family lives on the base. Is it too far for my son to drive me to Narita from Yokota Air Force Base.? Is it a difficult trip as far as traffic during the week?
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Hi there!

I'm afraid the JR Pass cannot be extended and is only available in 7, 14 or 21 day configurations.

Yokota AFB to Narita Airport by rail

Haijima station is the closest station to Yokota AFB. Here's a good itinerary from Haijima to Narita airport that takes a little over 2 hours at a cost of ¥3,550. I think considering the below information this is the best option for you and family.

Yokota AFB to Narita Airport by car

Because Yokota AFB and Narita are on opposite sides of Tokyo, you're looking at around 2 hours to 2.5 hours one way by car. Add in the possibility for complications due to traffic en route and I recommend you choose the rail option as the train is 99.9% guaranteed to be bang on time. It will also save your son the 4-5hr journey in the car. Here's the route you'd need to take by car for reference:

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Hope this helps!

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