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would a jrp be necessary on our itinerary?

Would a JRP be necessary on our itinerary?

Hey guys, need your thoughts here.

A friend and I will be travelling to Japan from January 23-31, 2016. It will be our first time in Japan, so we are really excited. We cannot decide whether to buy the JRP pass or not, because the price is a little bit off. Our point of entry is the Kansai Airport in Osaka and from there we will go straight to Tokyo spend a couple of days, and then Kyoto and may be do some side trips before heading back to Osaka, where we will spend the remaining 4 days of our stay and then fly back home.

The question that we need help figuring out the answer with is, do we need to buy the JRP at USD230.00, considering our itinerary? We would certainly appreciate the feedback, guys!

Thanks all and Happy New Year!


Hi there,

Making the trip Osaka - Tokyo - Kyoto alone is about the same price as a 7 day JR Pass. With the JR Pass you get 7 days of unlimited travel, so it would be very easy to make savings if you do any additional travel with it. Think of a side trip somewhere or even just local travel on the JR Network in Osaka and Tokyo.

It would also be easy to visit Nara from Kyoto or Nikko from Tokyo, to make both the best of your time in Japan and the JR Pass.

Hope this helps and Happy New Year!

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