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wondering if the jrp is worth it !

Wondering if the JRP is worth it !

Day1: Tokyo
Day2: Tokyo
Day3: Tokyo
Day 4: Kyoto
Day5: Kyoto
Day6: Kyoto - daytriptoNara
Day7: Kyoto
Day8: Fukuoka
Day9: Nagasaki - Mt Aso
Day10: Beppu
Day 11: Beppu
Day 12: ?
Day 13: ?
Day 14: ?
Day 15: Osaka
Da 16: Osaka -daytriptokobe
Day 17: Osaka
Day 18: Osaka

we're ending in Osaka because we have a flight out from there!
Actually thinking of getting the 14 day JRP and starting when we leave tokyo!


You are going to move such a long distance,
it would be reasonable for you.

For day 12-14 ,
Hiroshima is between Beppu and Osaka.
It may be a good place for sightseeing.
Every Bullet trains stop at Hiroshima.

Himeji castle is also enjoyable.

Have a nice trip.


Hi there,

Although we don't know your complete itinerary yet, I can tell you that a 14 day JR Pass will give you great savings given the amount you will travel.

As recommended by unitedair6, a stopover at Hiroshima and Miyajima could be very nice. Also if you feel like exploring Kyushu to the max, why not head down to Kagoshima.

An other cool visit you could consider is Naoshima Island.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you guys! :)
Now thinking of
Day 12: Hiroshima
Day 13: Hiroshima
Day 14: Miyajima

Can all of the places in the itinerary be accessed by the JR rail? or do i have to pay extra?? Quite confused for the Kyushu area actually.
Also i'm wondering if we want to go to Mt Aso as a day trip where would be better to stay for a night before heading to Beppu!


All of these area are connected by JR (bullet trains, normal lines)
Hiroshima , Miyajima ,Nagasaki, Aso, Beppu ,kyoto ,Osaka

Seee this site.


Good luck (^)/~~


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