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will the 7day jr pass fit my itinerary

Will the 7day JR Pass fit my Itinerary

I will be arriving in Japan at Kansai Airport, Osaka this coming 5th November. My itinerary is as follows :-

Day 1 : Osaka - Tokyo
Day 4 : Tokyo - Osaka
Day 5 : Osaka - Nara - Osaka
Day 6 & 7 : Osaka
Day 8 : Osaka to Kansai Airport

Do I need the JR Pass for this?

Also, since I will be heading straight from Kansai Airport to Tokyo, I will be having all my luggages with me. Does the train have compartments to put the luggages (not hand carried luggage)?

Since the JR Pass doesnt allow me to use the Nozomi train, what is the frequency of the departure of Hikari train from Osaka to Tokyo?



Hi there,

The 7 day JR Pass will work very well for your itinerary. The pass itself is about the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Osaka using the Shinkansen. Any additional travel is where savings are to be had, such as to Nara, local travel in Osaka and Tokyo and a one way to the airport.

The Hikari departs every 30 minutes, this is the same kind of train as a Nozomi, only it makes a couple more stops on the way. There is room for a couple of suitcases at the end row of each train car, smaller luggage can be places above your seat.

Hope this helps!

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