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which pass to buy, activation and booking tickets

Which pass to buy, activation and booking tickets

Hi there, I will travel to Japan on 19 Feb. I am Flying onto Kansai Kukoo, travelling straight to Kyoto to see friends, then Osaka and to Tokyo on 24th. I need to travel back to Osaka on the 29th to fly our of Kansai Kukoo again. I just wanted to check what the best pass is. Is it a 14 day pass?

I also want to check that I can activate my pass as soon as I get off the plane to use it to travel to Kyoto.

Lastly, I am a bit worried about catching the train back to Osaka on Monday 29th Feb. I am worried that due to the Tokyo marathon on Feb 28, there will be lots of people wanting to use the Shinkansen. Are there plenty of vacancies at the moment?

Once I am in Japan and can make reservations, how d I do this to ensure I get a seat on a train back to Osaka to ensure I don't miss my flight home?

Thank you, Susan


Hello Susan,

I think using a 7 day Japan Rail Pass would work the best for your itinerary. You can make nice savings by using it to travel from Osaka/Kyoto to Tokyo and back, while simply using local tickets within the Kansai Area. You can also buy a Haruka+ Ioca for the trip from Kansai Airport to Kyoto station.

You can make reservations the moment that you are in Japan and exchange the JR Pass right away as well, even if you don't plan on using it right away. I don't think you'll find any trouble reserving seats. There are literally over 10.000 seats available each hour and in both directions.

For more on seat reservations:

Hope this helps,

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