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which pass should i buy

Which pass should I buy


Now i'm going to be coming to Japan for a conference from 18th-23rd March, in Tokyo. Post that me and a friend of mine plan to travel around Japan. Our itinerary is broadly as follows.

23-27 March: Tokyo - Plan to Visit Hakone, Yokohama, and Tokyo Attractions during these days.
27th March : Osaka
27th-29th March: Kyoto
29th March: Nara
30th March: Takayama
31st March: Kobe
1st April: Hiroshima
2-5th April : Osaka and flying out

Now i heard about the PASMO cards. Is its useful to travel the trains from Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka to the various places?
And could i get an estimate on the fares of the Reserved and Unreserved seats on the rail.

Thank you for reading through the post and Thank You again for helping me out.

Have a beautiful day ahead.


Hi Varad,

Using a Pasmo card, or any other IC card in Japan is very handy. This because there is not need to purchase tickets each time you use public transport, simply swipe the card on the ticket gate each time you enter and exit the station and the correct amount will be deducted from your balance.

I also recommend using a 7 day JR Pass for the period of 27th march to 2nd of April. Travel from Tokyo - Osaka - Takayama - Hiroshima - Osaka are all expansive trips to make and you can make outstanding savings using a 7 day JR Pass.

Its possible to find any ticket prices, timetables and route information using, we also have a guide on how to use it.

Hope this helps,

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