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which jr pass

Which JR Pass

I will be traveling to Japan in July. On the 12th I will be arriving to Narita then going to the Heiwa hotel in Yokohama where I will be staying until the 19th. During that time I will be going into Tokyo and returning to Yokohama twice and plan to travel to and climb Mt Fuji. On the 19th I will be going to stay with a friend in Nerima we will probably travel around Tokyo during the 19th and 20th. On the 21st I will be travelling to Hiroshima, the 22nd I will go to Miyajima then to Kyoto on the 23rd and return to Nerima on the 25th and fly home from Narita on the 26th.

My question is which JR pass makes the most sense? a 7 day pass + suica or a 14 day JR pass? Since the first half will be in Tokyo/Yokohama/Mt Fuji will I use JR lines enough to justify the extra 160 dollars or am I better off simply buying individual tickets/Suica pass for the first half and a JR pass for the second?


Hello there,

Given that you spend the 1st week in Yokohama and Tokyo, I think that the 7 day JR Pass and use Suica/Local tickets for the first week. Also Nerima is not directly served by the JR, it it may be better for that reason as well to use local ticket to explore Tokyo from there as well.

Hope this helps!

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