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where to stay for one night near jr stations?

Where to stay for one night near JR stations?

Hello and thanks for reading my post. I wondering where best to stay one night in Osaka coming in from Nagasaki and leaving next day for Mount Koya or Nara - not yet confirmed which I will go to as waiting for Koya Temple to respond.

The Osaka Shinkasen comes in to Shinimamiya. To go to Mount Koya or Nara, I can leave from Shinkasen or walk easily to Nakai or Namba Station and leave from there. My question is which area am I best to stay for one night? I would also like to see some of Osaka in the evening. Thanks so much for any feedback or recommendations!


Well, so much depends on your budget! But there are several budget hotel chains you can consider, and most throw in breakfast for free. If you want to see Osaka at night, then one of the very best places is Dotonbori, and Namba is very close by.
You might look at Comfort Inn or Toyoko Inn for starters. Superhotel is another possibility.


Hi there,

Osaka has a very good public transport system and you could stay nearly anywhere without too much trouble. In terms of accesablity Osaka station / Umeda makes for a very veritile option, both with access to the metro and JR.

You could also stay near Namba if you wish to go to Koya, as JR Namba station, Namba Nankai and Namba subway stations are all within walkable distance.

Namba is one of the best areas to visit in the evening, so that's also good to keep in mind.

Hope this helps,

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