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where should i go on 1st jan to 3rd jan in osaka/kyoto?

Where should I go on 1st Jan to 3rd Jan in Osaka/Kyoto?

Are all places closed?

Any advices and tips?


Hi there! The main thing to do on new years day is visit local shrines with friends. I really recommend that you take a look at the main shrines in whichever city you are in on new years day. On the 2nd and 3rd, you should expect public transport to be busy, but most amenities will be operating as usual (except small mom and pop). In fact, JR puts on more services than usual during this period :)

Happy to help give advice on specific details when you've got more plans together!

Hope this helps!

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Hi Japanvisitor,

I would recommand you visit a temple on New years day and see how the Japanese celebrate the new year with eating mochi and ringing the temple bell. It is by far the most important holiday in Japan and it's a great experience for sure! If you go to a temple it is not uncommon to see many Japanese line up for a temple visit and will show great interest in a Gaijin doing this as well. I have had some great conversations while waiting.

Also in bigger cities such as Osaka and Kyoto most smaller businesses will be closed but bigger changed and department stores are open and will actually have some very good ''New Years Deals''.

Oh and don't forget to tell your Japanese friends ''akemashite-omedetou-gozaimas'' meaning happy new year!

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