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where i can buy icoca card ? can i buy in nagoya chubu centrair international airport or only in osaka kansai airport ?

Where i can buy ICOCA Card ? Can i buy in Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport or only in Osaka Kansai Airport ?

Hello Daniel san.,

I would be travelling in Japan next year for 12 days and i will use 7 day JR Pass and i'll plan to use ICOCA card too because i'll be in Osaka for 5 days, in Hakone for 6 days and 2 day in Nagoya.

This is my itinerary.

Day 1 : arrival in Chubu Centrair and then go to Osaka
Day 2 : Kurashiki and Himeji
Day 3 : Kyoto
Day 4 : Kobe
Day 5 : Osaka
(Can i buy ICOCA card in Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport ? or i must buy in Osaka Kansai Airport ? Can i used ICOCA card From day 1 to day 5 ?)

From day 6 i will used JR Pass..,
Day 6 : Hakone
Day 7 : Kanazawa
Day 8 : Nagano
Day 9 : Yokohama and Odaiba
Day 10 : Tokyo
Day 11 : Nagoya
Day 12 : Chubu Centrair and go back to my country

Thank you.


Hi there,

The ICOCA card can be purchased at any JR station in Kansai. In Nagoya you can purchase a Manaca card, which works exactly the same and is usable in Osaka.

You could consider using local trains between Nagoya - Osaka or an express but since you won't have JR Pass at that time. This would allow you to make some savings but would increase travel time.

Enjoy Japan!

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Hello again Daniel san.,

Thank you so much for the explanation., Maybe i will buy a Manaca card but i prefered to use the ICOCA card. ^ ^

Domo Arigatou.


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