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what type of train tickets to buy?

What type of Train tickets to buy?


 Day 1 <12-Oct-15>: Arrival Tokyo

 Day 2 <13-Oct-15>: Tokyo sightseeing

 Day 3 <14-Oct-15>: Tokyo : Day trip to Nikko

 Day 4 <15-Oct-15>: Tokyo : Day trip to Hakone/Mt.Fuji

 Day 5 <16-Oct-15>: Tokyo – Takayama

 Day 6 <17-Oct-15>: Takayama : Day trip to Shirakawago

 Day 7 <18-Oct-15>: Takayama – Kyoto

 Day 8 <19-Oct-15>: Kyoto sightseeing

 Day 9 <20-Oct-15>: Kyoto : Day trip to Nara

 Day 10 <21-Oct-15>: Kyoto : Day trip to Arashiyama

 Day 11 <22- Day 10>: Kyoto : Free day at leisure

 Day 12 <23-Oct-15>: Kyoto – Tokyo

 Day 13 <24-Oct-15>: Kyoto Departure

I was thinking to book day trip guided tour for day 3 and 4.

Then to use the 7 days Rail pass from Day 5 to 11.

However, I need to leave Kyoto to Tokyo. How much to travel by Shinkansen back to Tokyo one way?

I need to catch my flight on Day 13 from Tokyo to Narita Airport..

Pls advide whether this is most economical way to buy JR passes ?


Hi there,

Using a JR Pass from Day 5 to 11 looks good! You can considerable savings using the JR Pass, however I really would recommend returning to Tokyo on day 11 instead of day 12. Traveling from Kyoto - Tokyo costs a little over 14,000yen! and you could save this full amount if you return on day 11. You could for instance take a late train in the evening to Tokyo, this will still give you the entire day to spend in Kyoto and you could pretty much do what you like.

You can also look up ticket prices yourself using

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for suggestion above and also the info. I was thinking to use train to reach Nikko and Mount Fuji w Hakone.

How to move by train from Tokyo to Mt Fuji w Hakone ? What is the Train station name in Mt Fuji w Hakone.

Then on Day 5 from Tokyo to Takayama, I would love to move using the Hokuriku one where the train will move from Tokyo via Toyama to Takayama. Can I use my rail pass for this journey ?

If I decide to buy the JY pass for 7 days, when should I place the order ?


Hi again,

For Fuji, Hakone and access details, please see this page:

The JR Pass covers the Hokuriku line and travel between Toyama - Takayama. It is a nice trip to make.

The JR Pass has to be activated within 90 days after purchase. You could place an order right away if you want to use it in Oct.

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Hi ,

Thank you for the information again.

As I am leaving Day 5 from Tokyo via Toyama to Takayama, how do I go about reserving this train which start at 9.44am using the Ltd express( wide view) Hida 14?

Once I purchase my 7 day rail pass, can I reserve online before arriving to Tokyo or Can I do the reservation on arrival to Haneda Aiport on day 1 ?


Hi again!

Sorry for the late replay (I thought I had already written one to your post).

You can make the seat reservation at any time, just go to a train station and tell the staff when and where you wish to travel.

You can start making reservations once you are in Japan, it is not possible to do so online.

Hope this helps,

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