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what type of passes?

What Type of Passes?


Thank you very much for your reply. I still need some information as:-

1) Where to purchase Enjoy Pass Eco- and Kyoto City Bus. Can I purchase Kyoto City Pass valid for 2 Days or I have to purchase every individual day?
2) What is the morning and evening Subway Peak Hour. I understand during peak hour the subway is pack like sardines. Try not to join the pack.



Hi Robin,

1.) You can buy the Emjoy Pass Eco at any ticket machine/manned ticket counter in the Osaka subway area. As for the Kyoto bus ticket, these go on a day by day basis and you can buy them at Kyoto station.

2.) Rush hour generally is between 7-9.00 and 17-19.00 and I would try to avoid them, however at the same time I believe you should see it once, just to experience it.

Best Regards,

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