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traveling to japan in march 2014

Traveling to Japan in March 2014

We will be staying 14 days. I have my flight and hotels booked, but wanted to check the train transportation. We will arrive in Narita and use it for a base to travel to Tokyo, Kamakura and Nikko. Then travel to Kyoto, use it as a base and travel to Takayama, Nara, Hiroshima and Miyajima. Then from Kyoto back to Narita to fly out. So I have a few questions. It does not appear that we can get to Miyajima by train, so what is our best option and the Himeji Castle is under construction, is this a place to see with our limited time? And can we reach all of these cities from Narita and Kyoto by train using the JR Pass? Thank you in advance.


Hi there,

All places you wish to visit are covered by the JR Pass, this even includes a visit to Miyajima.
To reach Miyajima, take a local train from Hiroshima station to Miyajimaguchi. You can board the ferry to Miyajima island itself, the great part is that the ferry is also covered by the JR Pass.

I think a quick stop over at Himeji it is something I would skip for now, the castle is reaching the final stages of the reconstruction but the castle is closed to public because of this. If you do want to make a stop somewhere consider a visit to Kobe instead, this is only one stop away from Himeji and has a lot of interesting spots.

I hope this helps!

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Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you very much for the help and advice.


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