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traveling golden week 2015. tokyo>hiroshima/miyajima>osaka> kyoto/nara/kanazawa>tokyo

Traveling Golden Week 2015. Tokyo>Hiroshima/Miyajima>Osaka> Kyoto/Nara/Kanazawa>Tokyo

Hey all,

Unfortunately circumstances have myself and my friend (2 in our party) only able to come during golden week. My proposed itinerary is as follows:

5/1: arrive in Haneda and stay in Tokyo.
5/2: start JR 7 day pass and take early train to Hiroshima/Miyajima
5/3: explore Miyajima or Hiroshima in morning and go to Osaka later that day
5/4: Kyoto from Osaka in a.m.
5/5: Kyoto
5/6: Kyoto to Nara and stay night.
5/7: Nara to Kanazawa. Stay night in Kanazawa
5/8: Kanazawa to Tokyo
5/9-5/12: Tokyo/Yokohama/Kamakura

Couple questions:

Being that we will be in Japan only one day prior to activating our pass, is the green pass advised as a means to have an easier time securing a seat?

Would it be better to just make Nara a day trip and stay night in kyoto so we're that much closer to Kanazawa morning of 5/7?

Is there a shin from Kanazawa to Tokyo and if so, how long does it take?

Advice and critiques of the itinerary welcomed! Many thanks!


Hi there!
You're quite right a Green pass does have benefits during Golden week and Obon. It won't guarantee you a seat but it will help since those seats are more expensive and sell out slower than regualr seats.
You should get your seats when you arrive (the pass is valid from the date of first travel) then you have that part of your journey confirmed.
Yes I would stay in Kyoto - since there is a service from there to Kanazawa which takes a little over 2hours. Besides one less pack / change hotels unpack / pack .. who needs this?!
The Horiyuku Shinkansen takes about 2hrs 30 mins Kagayaki << this is the one you should try to book the Hakutaka takes somewhat longer :)
My only suggestion is that Hiroshima / Miyajima is better done from Kyoto/Osaka - it is a LONG journey from Tokyo
So I would think about maybe staying over in Hiroshima rather than attempting to get back to Osaka (you'll be spending over 8 hours on trains!) but it is your call.
Best of luck with your travels .. be sure to book early(a day in advance is ok) during golden week.


Thanks, Seki!

The information you've provided is great.

Sorry, I should have been more clear with my itinerary. The first day I plan to travel to Hiroshima/Miyajima area and stay the night there and then proceed to move eastbound until eventually getting back to Tokyo on the 8th. I'll heed your advice and make Nara a day trip from Kyoto so that we are closer to Kanazawa and then will stay a night in Kanazawa and taking the shin from there back to Tokyo. Is Kanazawa a nice place to stay the night? With it being 2 hours from Kyoto sounds like that would be better than making it a day trip from Kyoto.


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