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travel recommendations/ideas? 2 weeks in japan

Travel recommendations/ideas? 2 weeks in Japan

My wife and I are coming to Japan on May 15th. We are currently planning our itinerary and would greatly appreciate some ideas!! We will be there 2 weeks.

We fly into Narita the afternoon of May 15th.
We've thought about doing 3-4 days in Tokyo, a day trip to Nikko, and maybe Hakone. We've also considered a trip to Takayama.
Then, we could fly from Narita to Osaka (32 USD)
In that area, we would like to spend a few days in Kyoto, a day trip to Nara, a trip to Koyasan, and maybe a trip to Hiroshima.
We fly out from Osaka to Seoul.

This will be our first time to Japan. Do you have any ideas on how we could we arrange this trip to be the most time efficient and cost efficient?


Hi there,

The order in which you plan to travel is pretty much how I should do it to.

First visit Tokyo and visit surrounding places, such as Nikko or even make a day trip to Hakone. From there it would depend if you visit Takayama. Assuming you do, I would recommend using a JR Pass. You could first take the train to Takayama and then travel on to Kyoto or Osaka. Then from Kyoto/Osaka make day trips to Nara, Koya or Hiroshima. Then on your last day travel to the airport to fly home.

The 7 day JR Pass could be of good use, depending on your final selection of places. For instance a return Osaka - Hiroshima is ¥ 20,700. Tokyo - Takayama is ¥ 14,800 and Takayama - Kyoto ¥ 11,070. This alone would more give allow you to make great use of a 7 day JR Pass (¥ 28,300). In addition you could just hop on the train when you want it and you would not have to trough all the hassle that is involved with flying.

Hope this helps you!

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