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tokyo to mount fuji to ise city

Tokyo to Mount Fuji to Ise City

We are traveling to Japan for a wedding which is in Ise City. From information received we need to get to Isuzgaoka JR station. Would appreciate your comments on fitting in Lake Fukiawaguchiko and then getting across to Ise City for the wedding

9-12 - Arriving/exploring Tokyo
13-14 Travel to Lake Fujiawaguchiko, stay two nights
15 - Travel to Ise to meet up with family
16 - Wedding
17-19 Travel to Kyoto, probably 3 night stay
20-21 Travel to Hiroshima - stay two nights
22-25 Back to Tokyo, visit Nikko, back to airport

Many thanks Jenny


Hi Jenny,

Traveling from Fuji Kawaguchiko - IzuNagaoka takes almost 5 hours of train travel which is quite a lot. I would recommend returning to Tokyo and staying there for a night before traveling on to Izu to reduce travel time. You could for instance move your trip to the 11th and 12th and then enjoy a couple of days before traveling on to Izu.

For the rest it all looks good to me, love the visit to Nikko!

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel

Thank you so much for your very prompt reply and very helpful suggestions which we intend to follow. The wedding is the main reason for the visit to Japan so it is essential that we make it on time. We are however quickly beginning to realise just how much we want to see and do in Japan, one visit is not going to be enough.

Many thanks again.



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