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tokyo to kawaguchiko station? to kyoto?

tokyo to kawaguchiko station? to kyoto?

hi there!
i wanted to know how best to get this itinerary done as there doesnt seem to be a direct line to kawaguchiko station from tokyo, and from i have been readin this is the area to see mt fuji along with the festival in may
id rather spend the night in the area then proceed to kyoto the next day?
or is it possible to do mt fuji from tokyo as a day trip and instead go to kyoto directly from tokyo shikansen?

also, just to verify, that the JR pass can be used for local trains as well right? lke goin to shibuya or asakusa and so on using trains?

thanks ahead!!


Hi there,

There is no direct route between Kawaguchiko - Kyoto. The best way to make the trip by rail (and with the JR Pass) is to travel back to Tokyo station and take a bullet train directly from there.

You could do so in one day, however the journey is rather long and therefor I'd advise returning to Tokyo the day before you plan to travel on to Osakja.

The JR Pass also covers local JR lines in Tokyo, which covers most of the city. Shibuya for instance can be visited. Asakusa unfortunately not but you can take the JR as far as Ueno station.

Hope this helps,

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