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tokyo to hakone to kyoto to kansei airport

Tokyo to Hakone to Kyoto To Kansei airport


I am wondering if the JR 7 day pass will be worth the money.

Our plans are as follows for this August

Day 1 (1/2 day) Narita to Shibuya Tokyo
Day 2 Tokyo
Day 3 Tokyo
Day 4 Tokyo to Odawara to Hakone (2 day Hakone free pass)
Day 5 Hakone
Day 6 Hakone to Kyoto
Day 7 Kyoto
Day 8 Kyoto
Day 9 Kyoto to Kansei Airport

  1. Is the 7 day JR pass worth it with this itinerary? which day would you activate it?
  2. Should we take the Narita express vs JR train vs Skyliner from Narita to Shibuya? Sounds like we could just use metro tickets instead of activating a JR pass, right?
  3. If we don't get the JR pass, do you recommend the romance cars to Hakone?

Thank you in advance


Hi there,

1.) I recommend buying normal tickets for this route. Looking at the distance covered, it would simply be more economic. A 7 day JR Pass would be great if used for a return to Tokyo after Kyoto.

2.) Personally I love the NEX, it stops at many places and sometimes at Shibuya as well.

3.) Yes, its a nice ride :)

Hope this helps,

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