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I am planning to visit Japan from the January 15 to January 28. My itinerary is below. Could you tell me if it's better buying a JR pass or purchase tickets as I arrive at each train station?

January 15 - Arrive in Tokyo Narita Airport
January 18 - From Tokyo to Osaka
January 19 - From Osaka to Nara (day trip), then back to Osaka
January 21 - From Osaka to Kyoto
January 23 - From Kyoto to Tokyo

Looking forward to your advice. Thanks a lot!


Hi there,

Here's a quick overview of what it would cost if you bought all your tickets on the go.

Narita --> Tokyo ¥ 2,740
Tokyo --> Osaka ¥ 13,550
Osaka --> Nara ¥780
Nara --> Osaka ¥780
Osaka --> Kyoto :¥ 540
Kyoto --> Tokyo ¥ 13,020
Tokyo -- Narita Airport ¥ 2,740

If you would use your pass on the18th to 24th it would cost you ¥ 28670. The pass itself is ¥ 28,300 YEN so it is about the same price (saving 370Yen), the best thing however is that you can still use it for a day when you are in Tokyo so you could use it for a day trip to Nikko for instance. In addition you can use it for your local travel in Osaka so you would probably save a bit more.

Hope this helps.


Hi there!

I agree with Daniel on this. If this is your travel plan, then a 7 day pass is a good option as it leaves you the flexibility to change your plans if you want to (day trip to Hiroshima or Nikko becomes free).

Hope this helps!


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