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Hi All,

Wondering if you could please give me some input into my itinerary.. This is a bit of a last minute trip and I'm not sure if we are trying to fit too much. We do not arrive into Tokyo until late afternoon so that day is gone.

We are arriving on 1/14 and will stay until 1/24, so about 9 full days and a half day.

Tokyo - 1/14 to 1/16
Osaka - 1/16 to 1/19
Kyoto - 1/19 to 1/21
Hakone - 1/21 to 1/22 (on the way to Tokyo as we are flying out of NRT)
Tokyo - 1/22 to 1/23

Few questions --

1) I will be purchasing the JRT pass but which order should I go in? Does it make sense to visit Hakone on the way back to Tokyo from Osaka/Kyoto?

2) Should I spend the night in Hakone and visit one of the ryokan with onsen or just skip Hakone completely and try to find an ryokan with onsen in Kyoto?

Thank you in advance!! If you have any questions, please let me know!


Hello there,

1.) Hakone is directly on the route from Tokyo - Osaka/Kyoto, so it does not really matter if you visit it on the way to Osaka or on the way back to Tokyo. However it may be nicer to do so on the way back, so you can wind down a little from the busy city life before returning to Tokyo.

2.) Or find a Ryokan stay in both places ;) If you are on a limited budget then I would recommend one Ryokan stay in Hakone with an Onsen. There's something magical about enjoying an onsen bath with a cup of sake and enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji.

Hope this helps,

PS: I don't have any questions but let me know if you have any!

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