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tokyo, osaka, hiroshima

Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima

We will be visiting Japan from California. Some of our sightseeing destinations include, Osaka, Tokyo and Hiroshima. If we purchase the rail pass would it be able to transport us to all these locations?

Do we need to show our passports to anyone?


Hi Francine,

The Japan Rail Pass would cover your travel to all of the places that you have mentioned. In fact, here's a sample itinerary for your journey leaving on the 1st of March:

This map may be pretty useful in showing you the routes available

You will need to show your passport at the time that you convert your Exchange Order to a Japan Rail Pass in Japan. This is so that JR staff can confirm your name as it is show on your passport is on the ticket and to see if you have the correct Visa (Temporary Visitor / Tourist).

Hope this helps!

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My wife and I are contemplating and going this exact route, perhaps next year

Thinking perhaps Tokyo - Hiroshima - Osaka/Kyoto - Tokyo

What was your experience using the railpass?


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