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tokyo narita => shinjuku => fuji => tokyo => kyoto => osaka

Tokyo Narita => Shinjuku => Fuji => Tokyo => Kyoto => Osaka


We are 3 friends and we will be travelling to Japan (Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto & Osaka) in September for 10 days. I wonder which JR pass we should use for the whole travel. Itinerary is fixed.
Day 1 (Fri) - Reach NRT at 6pm / Airport to Shinjuku
Day 2 (Sat) – Shinjuku to Fuji 5th Station Yoshida Trail / Climb Mount Fuji
Day 3 (Sun) - Fuji back to Tokyo / sightseeing in Tokyo
Day 4 (Mon) - Tokyo (sightseeing)
Day 5 (Tue) – Tokyo (sightseeing)
Day 6 (Wed) – Early morning shinkansen Tokyo to Kyoto / sightseeing in Kyoto
Day 7 (Thu) – Kyoto (sightseeing)
Day 8 (Fri) – Kyoto (sightseeing)
Day 9 (Sat) - Kyoto (sightseeing)
Day 10 (Sun) – Kyoto to Osaka / sightseeing in Osaka
Day 11 (Mon) – Early morning flight from Osaka to Korea

My research shows that the cheapest way would be to use the 7-day JR Pass (Day 1-7) and then 3-day JR Kansai Thru Pass (Day 8-10). Is there a cheaper way to commute for our itinerary?
Thank you in advance!


Hi there,

While the JR Pass is a great thing, I would advise buying normal tickets for your itinerary. The total cost of tickets is not that high and you would not be able to make savings using the JR Pass or a local pass.

In Kyoto, look at purchasing a 500yen bus ticket from the driver. This is valid for a full day and allows for unlimited travel on city buses. You can use it throughout the whole city.

Hope this helps,

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