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Buongiorno, sarò in Giappone dal 31 marzo al 13 aprile con questo itinerario:

31 marzo ore 10:30am arrivo a Narita e partenza per Nara, in hotel a 10 minuti d'auto dalla stazione Kintetsu
- 5 pernottamenti a Nara, da dove intendo visitare Kyoto, Osaka, Miyajima ed altro eventuale che mi suggeriste - 5 aprile trasferimento ad Hakone, - 3 pernottamenti ad Hakone da dove intendo visitare il Fuji ed altro eventuale che mi suggeriste (monte Koya?) - 8 aprile trasferimento a tokyo - 5 pernottamenti a Shinjuku.

Mi conviene acquistare il jr pass per 7 giorni? Attivandolo il 31 marzo, sarà valido anche la giornata del 6 aprile?
Quanto mi costerà il trasfer l'8 aprile a Tokyo da Hakone, visto che il jr pass sarà scaduto?
Come sarebbe meglio muoversi da Nara visto che ho trovato l'unica camera disponibile a 10 minuti d'auto dalla stazione ferroviaria?

Good morning , I will be in Japan from march the 31st to April the 13th with this route :

March 31 10:30 am arrival at Narita and departure to Nara, the hotel is 10 minutes drive from the station Kintetsu
- 5 nights in Nara , where I intend to visit Kyoto, Osaka , and other possible tour you would suggest (Miyajima If possible) - April 5 transfer to Hakone , - 3 nights at Hakone where I intend to visit the Fuji and other possible that you would suggest ( Mount Koya? ) - April 8 transfer to tokyo - 5 nights in Shinjuku .

Should I buy the jr pass for 7 days? Using It from 31 aprile, can I use it for the day of 6?
How much will it cost the Transfer to Tokyo from Hakone , as the jr pass expires april the 6?
How would it be better to move from Nara, since I found the only room available at 10 -minute drive from the train station ?

Hello there,

I would certainly recommend a 7 day JR Pass for your travel. Just traveling from Tokyo - Nara and back will pay for the 7 day JR Pass. Any additionally travel is basically what you save. For instance a trip to Miyajima would allow for great savings!

Travel within Hakone and to Tokyo is best done with a Hakone Free Pass, so I would recommend using the JR Pass to cover your travel from Tokyo - Nara - Hakone and visits to Kyoto and Osaka.

The Shinkansen station for Hakone is Odawara, from there you can use a Hakone Free Pass to explore the area.

Hope this helps,

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