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tokyo-kyoto-hiroshima + side trips

Tokyo-Kyoto-Hiroshima + side trips

Can you please tell me if the following itinerary would be covered by the Rail Pass? Are there any subsidies I would need to make? (Local around Tokyo, etc.) Thank you in advance!

Arrive in Narita to hotel in Shinjuku (airport express)
Day trip to Disney
Day trip to Shiba-sakura Festival, website says to take combo of JR Chuo & Fujisan Express - this is my biggest concern

Shinkansen to Kyoto

Kyoto to Himeji castle

Kyoto to Hiroshima
- ferry to Miyajima island (not covered) - is this too much for a day trip from Kyoto? Should I instead plan on staying a night in Hiroshima?

...and back to Tokyo/Narita

Thank you again!


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers nearly all your travel, even the ferry to Miyajima.

What is not included is the train from Otsuki to Fuji. This requires an additional fare but that's only around 1,200yen/one way.

Miyajima can be visited as a day trip from Kyoto but I think it would be more pleasant to spend one night in Hiroshima or even on Miyajima.

Hope this helps,

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