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Hi there
I am looking for some tips on my upcoming trip to Japan and also to understand if it's worth getting the Japan Railcard for my partner and myself.

Overall we are there for 13 days:

  • Day 1 (Monday): arrival midday in Tokyo Narita.
  • Plan to stay in Tokyo until Saturday (Day 6) but with a day trip possibly to Nagano to see the snow monkeys (is that possible in 1 day?)
  • Day 6 (Saturday): train to Hakone until Sunday
  • Day 7 (Sunday) or Day 8 (early Monday) train to Kyoto
  • Day 11 (Thursday): train to Osaka
  • Day 12: day trip from Osaka to Hiroshima
  • Day 13: Osaka with late flight

1) does this itinerary sound feasible or are we too ambitious/not enough
2) will the JR make sense?
3) will we need other type of transport tickets there?
4) if JR does not make sense, how do I get train tickets in between?
5) Would you suggest a different order (starting in Tokyo and ending in Osaka)
6) Is there anything else you would suggest doing (wanting to sample the cities like Tokyo, historical sites like Kyoto, onsen, a bit of wildlife, lots of culture, some rural experience and of course lots of food. I've also heard it's possible to visit some wineries near Tokyo - do you know any/can you recommend?

Many thanks for all the help



Hello Shyamal,

Thank you for posting at the forum.

Looking at your itinerary, I would advise using a 7 or 14 day JR Pass. Depending on if you'll visit Nagano and Jigokudani. You can do it as a day trip from Tokyo but it does involve quite a lot of travel. See this page for access details. If you don't visit Jigokudani, then it would be best to use a 7 day Japan Rail Pass for day 6 to day 12.

Now let's dig into your questions.
1.) Yes it does look feasible, there are no problems here. Just look if you want to do the whole trip to Jigokudani (the snow monkey park).
2.) Yes, see my replay above.
3.) You may still require local travel in cities or within the Hakone area. This generally very minor compared the cost of longer distances. In Hakone it can be good to look a Hakone Free Pass.
5.) The order you have everything is how I would do it as well.
6.) I think the visit to Hiroshima is already a very nice include, from there you could swing by Miyajima as well.

Enjoy Japan!

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