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tokyo fukuoka kyoto osaka tokyo itinerary

Tokyo fukuoka kyoto osaka tokyo itinerary

I'm contemplating the following itinerary based on our plan to go see a sumo match using the 7 days jr pass. Trying to control spending hence the reason for only a 7 days pass.
If we visit osaka, do you think we could still spend the night in kyoto, or would it be better to stay overnight in osaka? Heard Osaka is great for the food....
I ve also tried to find information about taiko drumming shows happening in japan with no luck, so any tip you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

Prelim itinenary
Arrive in Tokyo on nov 19, spend night in Tokyo
Nov 20 , spend day & night in Tokyo
Activate jr pass Nov 21, travel to Fukuoka, spend night in Fukuoka
Nov 22, spend day and night in Fukuoka
Note: those are the two last days for sumo matches
Nov 23 travel to and spend night in Kyoto
Nov 24 spend day & night in Kyoto
Nov 25 travel to Osaka, spend night in Osaka
Nov 26 spend day and night in Osaka
Nov 27 travel to and spend night in Tokyo
Nov 27 to dec 2 (leaving on that day) in Tokyo

Given that we will be in tokyo for a few days, should i buy a pass or prepaid card for other services such as subway & can i use it from the Narita airport?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions.


Hello there,

Traveling from Tokyo - Fukuoka can cost a lot, so it is great that you can use the JR Pass there. The same goes for travel from Fukuoka, Osaka, Kyoto and back to Tokyo.

Osaka and Kyoto are very close together, so you can spend the night in either and may a day trip to the other. It is only 30min by train from Osaka to Kyoto station.

Local travel within Tokyo is not that pricey compared to cross country travel, so you can either just buy and IC card, like Suica. There are also day pases available for the Tokyo Metro, these are very helpful.

Hope this helps,

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