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tokyo / five lakes / nagoya / matsumoto / tokyo / haneda airport

Tokyo / Five Lakes / Nagoya / Matsumoto / Tokyo / Haneda Airport

I will be in Japan for 9 days and thinking about getting a 7 day pass. I will be staying three nights in Tokyo taking a day trip to Five Lakes area and then traveling to Nagoya for 3 nights with a day trip to Matsumoto/Kamikochi and then returning to Tokyo before leaving Japan from Haneda Airport. With this general itinerary, it is cost effcient to get a 7 day pass? Thank you.


Hi there,

Good question! I hope a small list of ticket prices below to find out:

Haneda -> Tokyo ¥ 620
Tokyo -> Otsuki (for Fuji) ¥ 1,450
Otsuki -> Tokyo ¥ 1,450
Tokyo -> Nagoya ¥ 10,580
Nagoya -> Matsumoto ¥ 5,870
Matsymoto -> Tokyo ¥ 9,850

This adds up to ¥ 24,537, which is just a little short of the price for a 7 day JR Pass, ¥ 28,300. For now I would buy normal tickets but it can quickly become worth it if you would an other day trip for instance.

I assumed that you will use the JR Pass on the 1st 7 days so I left the last return to Haneda out.

For Fuji, you can travel to Otsuki near Tokyo with the JRPass, from there the the rail is owned by the Fujikyu company and a 1,100Yen fare applies here.

I hope this helps,

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