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tokyo 14 day trip

tokyo 14 day trip

hi daniel

we are travelling in 17 march for13 days itenary as follows

Day 01 (Mar 17) - Tokyo (nariata to shingawa station )
Day 02 (Mar 18) - Tokyo (Disneyland) Day 03 (Mar 19) - Tokyo to Kyoto(hikari SHINKANSEN ? )+ Kyoto sight seeing Day 04 (Mar 20) -day trip Hiroshima + miyajima with ferry and back to kyoto Day 05 (Mar 21) -kyoto sight seeing Day 06 (Mar 22) - Himeji day trip Day 07(Mar 23) - kyoto sight seeing + kyoto to Osaka check in osaka Day 08(Mar 24) - Osaka sight seeing Day 10(Mar 25) - Daytrip to view Mt. Fuji then to Tokyo PLAN A Kawaguchiko (if clear day) a) Early trip (Train/Bus) from kyoto to Kawaguchiko, leave luggage in Kawaguchiko station locker b) Short day-trip (buy pass that includes Kachikachi ropeway, sightseeing boat, and retro bus)

PLAN B Hakone (if not a clear day)
a) Early trip (Shinkansen) from kyoto to Hakone, leave luggage in Odawara station locker b) Daytrip to Hakone (Hakone free pass?)

move Tokyo Ginza station for hotel

Day 11 (Mar 26) - trip to Tokyo skytree , uneo garden Day 12 (Mar 27) - ghibli museum + meiji shrine + yoyogi park + rappongi hills Day 13(Mar 28) -tsuki ji fish market + shibuya area Day 14 (Apr 02) - Ginza + shibuya area return to narita airport

What type of pass do you recommend for traveling within the city of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka?
Will a national JR Pass pay off - if yes, when should I activate it?

will the jrpass cover all the intercity travel, local travel within Kyoto Osaka hakone Tokyo (underground bus etc). how much extra will we have to pay extra we need to pay . please advice how do we do about should we take a 14 day pass or a 7 day pass(19 to 25 march) and there after normal and also will it be a busy time so shall I opt for a green pass as I am travelling with a six year old child
thanks in advance
regards parul


Hi Parul,

Travel to Kyoto, Hiiroshima, Himeji and Osaka is quite expancive and using a JR Pass for routes like these is where you can make big savings, compared to purchasing normal tickets. So much so, that I recommend using a 14 day JR Pass.

The JR Pass covers all JR lines nationwide, including local networks in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Other transport such as the Metro, non-jr busses and so on are not included. This does not take away that the JR Pass will offer great value for everything that is included. I don't think that you would need Green Class but the added comfort is of course nice to have.

You could activat the JR Pass right away at Narita Airport.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel for the help, really appreciate your prompt reply


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