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tokyo - kyoto - nara - kinosakionsen / hakone - nagoya - tokyo

Tokyo - kyoto - nara - kinosakionsen / Hakone - nagoya - tokyo

Hi, I am planning to visit Japan in April 2015 and i am wondering whether the JR rail pass will cover the places that I will be traveling.

I will landed Tokyo Narita early in the morning, and i will directly travel to Kyoto and then travel back up to tokyo for my return flight, will be a total of 10 days in Japan.

My itinerary will be as below:

Kyoto for 02/03 nights with day trip to Nara

Kyoto to Kinosakionsen 02 nights (Please suggest whether Kinosakionsen or Hakone will be better for hotspring - if we prefer ryokan with their own onsen) how many nights will be perfect to stay in onsen town?

after onsen town travel to Nagoya stay 1 nights (kindly suggest better place than Nagoya if is along the way to Tokyo)

Nagoya - Tokyo 2 nights

i will purchase 7 days JR rail pass, however my trip will be 10 days, therefore I am in a dilemma of planning my itinerary so i can best utilize the JR pass to most places and minimize the transport expenses as it is really expensive.

would appreciated for your recommendation.


Hi there,

The JR Pass will be a great help here. You can use it for both travel to Kyoto, Tokyo and Kinosaki-onsen. I would definitely recommend visiting Kinosaki if you want the full Onsen Experience as the whole town is build around them and there are different Ryokan to stay at.

As for the return to Tokyo, Nagoya makes for a good one day stop and is directly on the route between both cities. Odawara (with direct Access to Hakone) or Yokohama make for good alternatives.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply, my itinerary has changed, therefore would like to have some of your advise.

I will now be in Japan for 12 days 11 nights, and my Itinerary as below:

Arrive at Tokyo on 3 April - 4 nights
Takaragawa (Jomo-Kogen) - 1 night
Hakone - 1 night
Kyoto - 3 nights
Kinosaki Onsen - 1 night
Osaka (return to Singapore 14 April) - 1 night

Me and my partner would like to purchase the 7 days JR pass, however since we will stay in Tokyo for 4 nights, understand that we have to purchase the JR pass in advance before we arrive to Japan, and then activate it in Narita Airport.

However, we will not be using the JR pass in Tokyo as we will purchase the subway 3 days pass instead as it will be more convenience to travel around Tokyo using metro/subway. Therefore, our concern is that can be purchase the JR pass however the starting date will be 7th April instead, which mean is not the 1st day we landed Japan. Can we actually purchase the JR PASS starting date on 07 April? and can we activate it on our arrival date 03 April although we are not using the JR pass yet?

Also if you do not mind, can you advice the shortest route to travel to my destination after Tokyo please? So we can try to save some travel time on train and have more time on our destination.

Awaiting for your reply.

Thank You!



Also, will the JR Pass cover the whole area in Kyoto as we will traveling around Kyoto.

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