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takayama, kanazawa - which order is best en route from osaka to tokyo?

Takayama, Kanazawa - which order is best en route from Osaka to Tokyo?

For the second half of my 15 day travels I want to stay for 2 nights in Takayama and 3 nights in Kanazawa.
I will be coming from Osaka and ending up in Tokyo for the flight home.
I will have a JR pass but from the timetables I can't decide whether to go to takayama or Kanazawa first. Does it make any difference?


Hi there,

There is not really a difference time wise. You could start at either Takayama or Kanazawa. The nicest route when it comes to trains would likely be Osaka - Takayama and then Kanazawa - Tokyo. This because the first route is very scenic to Takayama and you get the ride the brand new Hokuriku Shinkansen between Kanazawa and Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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That's good to know. I will stick with my original plan


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