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suica & n’ex package or skyliner round trip + special combination 1-day open ticket

Suica & N’EX package or Skyliner Round Trip + Special Combination 1-Day Open Ticket


I will land in Tokyo on the first but will travel out of Tokyo for the remaining days and return to tokyo for my return flight.
I'm intending to purchase JR pass for the remaining travel but need advice on whether the Suica & N'EX package or Skyliner round trip with the open ticket package is better.

My hotel is near SHINJUKU-GYOEMMAE station. When I queried hyperdia for the routes, it recommend taking Keisei Narita Sky Access Exp to SHIMBASHI and transfer again at AKASAKA-MITSUKE. I'm confused as to whether I could take
Keisei Narita Sky Access Exp with the Skylinder round trip package?

For your advice please. Thanks!


Hi there,

I looked up the route for you and the easiest way to get to Shinjuku-Gyoemae is with the Narita Express to Tokyo station and from there with the Metro to Shinjuku-Gyoemae.

I think in your case it is best to go for the Suica & N'ex because you only have one transfer, with the Skyliner you will have make at least 2 more transfers. Also you would have to use the local JR lines which are not covered by the metro pass, so it would not be very cost efficient.

Here is an example of the Route.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel-san!


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