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should we buy jr rail pass ?

Should we buy JR Rail pass ?

We are a family of 5 people taking a conducted tour of Japan from 6th April to 11th April.
Our tour takes us to Tokyo-Hakone-Mt. Fuji-Kyoto-Nara-Osaka. The tour ends in Osaka.
From Osaka we will return on our own by Shinkasen to Tokyo.
After that we will travel around in Tokyo for 2-3 days by ourselves and maybe take a train ride to some place (please suggest) to see the Japanese countryside.
Please let me know if it is worth while to buy the JR Rail pass just for travel from Osaka to Tokyo and some amount of travelling around tokyo.


Hello there,

Yes a JR Pass could be very helpful here. The 7 day JR Pass is about the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Osaka on the Shinkansen. Now you get 7 days of unlimited travel! The JR Pass is also handy in Tokyo and Osaka, as it can be used in both cities for local travel and exploration.

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Thanks Daniel!


Since you still have the JR Pass valid when you get back to Tokyo, some popular day trips are to Kamakura/Enoshima, Nikko, and Hakone. You will be in Japan during the height of the cherry blossom season (most likely), so expect some big crowds in Kyoto, and if you haven't booked accommodation yet, it might be hard or very pricey.


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