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should i get the 21 day ordinary jrp?

Should I get the 21 day ordinary JRP?


I will be travelling to Japan from May 5-22. The plan is to be in Tokyo from May 5-9, then Kyoto from May 10-13, Osaka 14-17, Miyajima 17, Hakone region May 18-19, and back to Tokyo May 20-22.

For this type of travel and given the time that we're choosing to travel... Would you recommend that I get the Green JRP or the Ordinary one? In other words, is it REALLY worth it to pay more for the Green pass? Thank you.

Oh and also, is it best to buy the 21 day pass in this case? We're considering the 21 day pass since we'll need to take the train to our hotel once we're at the NRT airport. I know there's a Suica NEx package... Should I get this instead and get a 14 day one instead? Please let me know what the most economical fare is. Thanks!


Hi there,

What Pass to get? For your itinerary I think a 14-day Pass with the Suica + Nex and Hakone Pass will be the most economic option.
You can use the Narita Express package to travel to Tokyo, than use your JR-Pass to travel all the long distance parts by Shinkansen and finally buy a Hakone pass with access to Shinjuku, Tokyo.

You can find more about the Hakone Free Pass here

Going Green? In general I think there are two reasons why to take a Green Pass over a normal one. The first is you want to travel in extra Peace and quiet, the other is that during periods of frequent travel, such as national holidays it may be hard to get a seat.

You will be traveling one day during Golden Week, which is a very busy period but you can make seat reservations the moment you are in Japan and have exchanged your JR Pass. If you plan ahead a little and do this on the first day that you arrive, than I don't think you will have a problem.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for all your help!


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