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short trip to japan - should i buy a jr pass?

Short trip to Japan - Should I buy a JR Pass?

Hello. I will be on a short trip to Japan. My itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 – Arrive Ôsaka, then move to Okayama
Day 2 – Stay Okayama
Day 3 – Move from Okayama to Kurashiki (and eventually back to Okayama)

Day 4 – Move to Shôdoshima (and eventually back to Okayama)
Day 5 – Move to Hiroshima and stay Hiroshima
Day 6 – Move to Kure and stay Hiroshima
Day 7 – Move to Kôbe and stay Kôbe
Day 8 – Move to Nara and stay Nara
Day 9 – Move to Kyoto and stay Kyoto
Day 10 – Move to Ôsaka and stay Ôsaka

Day 11 – Depart from Ôsaka back to Europe

Does the JR Pass make sense when using it from Day 4 to Day 10 ? Or is Buying individual tickets less expensive.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance. taihen o-sewa ni narimasu ( <- I hope it's correct Japanese :-)

Axel, from Germany


Hi Axel,

Excellent Japanese :)

To understand if a 7 day JR Pass (¥28,300) makes sense for you we need to take a look at the base JR ticket costs for day 4-10:

  1. Okayama > Hiroshima: ¥6060, (39mins, 161km)
  2. Hiroshima > Kure: ¥480, (46mins, 26km)
  3. Kure > Hiroshima: ¥480, (40mins, 26km)
  4. Hiroshima > Shin-kobe: ¥9940, (80mins, 304km)
  5. Shin-kobe > Nara: ¥4440, (87mins, 89km)
  6. Nara > Kyoto: ¥690, (44mins, 41km)
  7. Kyoto > Osaka: ¥540, (28mins, 42km)
  8. Osaka > Kansai airport: ¥3340, (57mins, 64km)

TOTAL: ¥25970 for 8 legs

As you can see a 7 day JR Pass comes in at ¥2330 more than individual JR tickets. You may choose to pay this extra to have the flexibility to change your plans, but it very much depends on how firm your plans are.

You can look up precise train timetables and costs at the Hyperdia travel planning website and learn how to use Hyperdia for JR Pass holders through our video blog.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Mari,

Thank you so much for your prompt and comprehensive reply. It helps much. I'll recommend your website. Thanks again. Best wishes, Axel


Thanks Axel! Hope you have a great trip!

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