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sapporo, otaru, hakodate from 8-15 dec

Sapporo, otaru, Hakodate from 8-15 Dec

Hi should I stay 3 - 4 nghts at Sapporo and make day trips to Otaru and then travel down to Kakodate and stay a few nights? Besides Otaru, what other day trips can I do?
Also Matsumae looks really nice, is Fukushima Town available to stay one night or is it just a tourist visit place? Any suggestion on where to stay near here or should I do a day trip from Hakodate here?


Hi there,

Hokkaido is fun to explore, there is a lot of nature and it is great for winter sports. A couple of nice day trips you could make are Furano, Asahikawa or any of the national parks. There are also nice onsen near Nobori-Betsu.

Hope thishelps,

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How can we get from Sapporo to Asahikawa?
If I want to go straight to Hakodate straight from Chitose Airport on 8Dec 9am,
stay there 2 nights then go Yunokawa Hot Springs,
before going to Sapporo and then to Asahikawa
What rail pass should I buy within Hokkaido?


Hi how do I get to Hakodate from Chitose Airport at 9am?

Is there any place I can stay in Fukushma Town? Or do I do a day trip from Hakodate?

Should I buy 7day JR pass? Will I be able to use that pass in Sapporo to go Otaru and Asahikawa?


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