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Route & JR Covering

Dear Daniel,

Getting back with itenaries to get your help see if any of the below will not be covered by unlimited JR?

1. Osaka - Himeji - Kinosaki.
2. Kinosaki - Kyoto (buy bus for tokyo landmark)
3. Kyoto - Hiroshima - Miyajima (Kintai kyo optional)
4. Kyoto - Johana - or Takaoka Ekime.
5 Takaoka - Takayama
6. Takayama - Gotemba
7. Shinjuku - Shinawaga - Monorail.

Another question please. From above will I able to see 10 best JR view from # 5 + 6? Do I have to look for SHINKANSEN KODAMA 664 or SHINKANSEN HIKARI 474?
From Takayama to Mishima is more detour than to Tokyo, right?

Thanks for your help. Nuthida


Hello Nuthida,

Welcome back! I can confirm that rail travel between all these places is covered by the JR pass. Including the Tokyo Monorail.

Both the Hikari and Kodama travel the same route, so you could use either one. Mishima station is on route between Takayama and Mishima and does not add extra travel time if you with to make a seat there.

Hope this helps,

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Perfect! Thanks Daniel.


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